Why Premier “30”?

• Last year our staff was led by 10 former collegiate stand-outs, who went onto to play professional basketball either in the NBA or internationally.

• Guest Speakers included former Calvert Hall Men’s Basketball Coach, Mark Amatucci as well, current Stevenson University Women’s Head Basketball Coach Jackie Boswell.

• Unique Itinerary – No down time. Learn to play the right way, and get Premier Training everyday!

• Our staff is very knowledgable about the game, furthermore, they are tremendous communicators.

• All staff members go through a mandatory background check.

• Campers are grouped with similar aged kids.

• Our elite coaching staff has the experience to teach kids of all levels.

• Main objective is for the campers to have fun while improving their game and building their confidence 

• FREE Gatorade products served throughout the day to help stay hydrated!

Unique Itinerary – No down time. Learn to play the right way, and get Premier Training everyday!

After two very successful camp seasons, we spoke with top coaches, parents and campers. The consensus was that two week sessions, with a limited amount of campers will provide the best opportunity for overall skill development. There is not another camp like this in the area, as it’s not a day care / basketball program. We will only accept campers who have a passion for the game and have a tremendous work ethic. TAKING THE PUBLIC CAMP — PRIVATE.

• Pre-program individual goal-setting maximizes camper experience.

• Video provides players with the opportunity to see what they are doing well or must improve.

Analytics – An innovative teaching tool. We will document campers shots, passes, movements and tendencies.

• Improve in various cognitive areas – Mental toughness, hand-eye coordination, Basketball IQ and leadership ability. 

• Speed & Agility Training – One Hour a Day to Improve quickness, strength, speed and core

• Nutritious Lunch included.

• Elite Staff – 5 to 1 ratio ensures individual when needed.

Controlled Full Court games – Using skills learned from our staff.

• Post-camp written analysis from our basketball coaches allow for continued improvement.

• Monthly Webinar – Providing continued guidance to our dedicated players.

One of the most helpful parts for gaining more of a basketball IQ is going to be how much attention you can pay to the details on the court. To the average fan, a basketball game might just be five guys on two different teams, running up and down trying to put the ball in the other’s basket. But to a knowledgeably basketball player, the game is like a chess match. Each move, every play and all of the elements that go into each possession are a chance to take advantage of your opponent.

• Familiarize yourself with the game – “Chalk Talk” sessions to teach all campers the nuances of the game.

• During all training and practice sessions, we pay attention to the details.

• Work on your basketball strategy – Breaking down defensive sets, teaching the importance of spacing and offensive tactics to ensure success.  

• Strategy of Basketball—self-discipline, attention control, and the ability to   make effective decisions in dynamic game situations.

• Skills and Knowledge—taught by our elite coaching staff, basketball stations vary daily, innovative situational drills, team play, guest speakers, competitions and strategy.

What are your child’s strengths and weaknesses in terms of speed and agility? At The Premier Basketball Camp, we begin and end each week with a speed & agility assessment performed by a professional trainer. Each day we spend 60 minutes on daily performance training.

This includes:

• Vertical and lateral movements

• Change of pace

• Balance

• Endurance

• Acceleration

Premier Basketball Elite Coaching Staff
Premier Basketball Challenging Skill Building
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